127 Wing Tips

RCAF Newsletter

Europe 1942/1945

By John Lemay

"Wing Tips" where a sort of an information newsletter put out by a couple of well-intentioned members of our unit who did their best to print just about anything that was "printable" and when there was enough stuff to fill a couple of sheets, the Gestetner machine would go into action.

So, when the war ended in early May 1945, almost unexpectedly, someone suggested that a souvenir issue would be appreciated. Good, let's find someone from each section who will write a summary or a story depicting the activities related to that section. The deadline for the submission of the material was sometime in July but unfortunately or fortunately our Wing was disbanded and ordered back to England ASAP. That was the end of THAT endeavour. However all was not lost. Lo and behold, almost 57 years later, the idea came back to life when I discovered some of that material in a briefcase in "the proverbial attic" and therefore it is now presented in this CD for the benefit of anyone who might know someone who belonged to the 127 Wing. It is my sincere hope that it will find its way to many former members. John (JB) Le May

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history of 403 squadron page 1

13 pc farmers after repatriation

403 squadron page 2

421 squadron

403 squadron page 3

58 signals

6 voting days left

advanced landing ground signals

airmen ' s mess

all kinds of news

ballad of the patriotic lover

British Money Order

ca ne fait rien...

catering section

city of Oshawa squadron

copenhagen oslo

indian village...by the old man 

election day

editorial staff

end of trail - jbl 620 exchange

editorial saff pt 2

hqs armoury page2

flying control

 hqs armoury page

flying control page 2

 through the keyhole J B L

gambling in normandy

time, gentlemen, please

443 squadron

When Johnny comes marching home

good to get home - repat info

wing stage show a success

 meet the Russians

Jan. 1st 1945 Luftwaffe attack on Evere - p.1

more news

Jan. 1st 1945 Luftwaffe attack on Evere - p.2

personnel counsellor

Don Robb's Poem about the 1 Jan. 1945 attack

Personnel Counsellor collum 

february 9 1945 - p.1

poet's corner H C Gallaher

 feb. 9, 1945 - p.2

R A F Signals form

 wing tips feb 16 1945 valentine day

silver dollar saloon

 wing tips may 22 1945

the mail bay by Mac 

wing tips page 2 


wing tips page 3

misc contributions

wing tips page 4 

misc contributions page 2


mostly misc news

May 24, 1945

mostly gossip...

wing tips reinsehlein may 26 1945

new commander

May 27, 1945

ode to city of Oshawa squadron

wing tips may 31 1945 germany

pay accounts

R C A F Blackout revue june 45

pay accounts page 2

june 2, l945

poets' corner

june 5 1945 still in Germany

misc. items - nice to get home, etc. 

june 5 big saturday night do

nice to get home part 3

june 7 1945 end of voting

sgts mess

June 9 wing tips

signals hqs. page 1

june 12 1945 misc

signals hqs page 2

reinselein germany june 12 1945

scalpum dreams of 1,000

Reinsehlen Germany June 14, l945

the JEM man

wing show June 14

the post office

wing tips june 16 .. misc.

thru the keyhole - J B L

june 16 . 1945

W O M A N.....Poem plus misc

june 19 1945 wing tips

wing under new management

june 19 wing tips page 2

 world wide news

june 21 - misc

signals traffick mobile unit p.1 

june 21st - misc. items 

signals page 2 

June 23, 1945

 signals page 3

 end of trail reinsehlen germany 26 june 1945

signals page 4

June 28 1945

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